Momofuku Seasonings are inspired by Momofuku restaurant staples. Our chefs have created a variety of blends designed to add a hit of flavor to any home-cooked dish.

Finishing Salt
Developed by the Momofuku culinary team as a all-purpose way to add flavor, this finishing salt is a mixture of thyme, sage, rosemary, and kochu karu. In the restaurants we use finishing salt on our rotisserie duck and ribeye steak. At home, put it in a salt grinder and try it on any roasted meat or vegetable.

Sichuan Spice
The backbone of the fan-favorite shrimp at Noodle Bar, Sichuan Spice is our way to add an unexpected kick to whatever we’re eating. We blend red sichuan peppercorns, togarashi, and jalapeno powder to create a tingly-pepper punch. At home, we sprinkle it on our favorite eggs and grilled seafood.

Max’s Furikake
Always good on rice―its OG purpose, Max’s Furikake was created by Chef Max Ng at Ssäm Bar. It’s his own blend of matcha, nori powder, and bonito flakes. He’s currently adding to uni and foie, and at home, we sprinkle it on popcorn and chips.

Momofuku Seasonings are available to purchase in Peach Mart.

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