bonji is a fermented, cold-pressed liquid seasoning made in the style of tamari and soy sauce. 

unlike traditional soy sauce, bonji does not contain soybeans but is made from fermented hearty grains. taking cues from whiskey distillers, momofuku ferments single-variety, single-origin grains from farms in the northeast united states. after fermentation, the grains are pressed to produce an umami-filled sauce rich in amino acids, sugars, and active enzymes.

the name bonji derives from the korean word for “essence” and alludes to the distinctive and unique flavors extracted from each type of grain.

rye bonji
sweet, light, herbaceous, and spiced, rye grains provide the bonji with more depth and nuance than a traditional soy sauce. rye bonji is perfect for dipping sushi, marinating meats and fish, flavoring soups and stews, adding depth to salads and stir-frys, finishing crudo dishes, and as a soy sauce substitute.

all bonji are vegan, unpasteurized, unfiltered, less salty than traditional soy sauce, and made by hand in small batches in brooklyn, ny.

additional seasonal varieties of bonji are produced in limited batches.